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The Grandson

Last weekend, we went to North Carolina to meet the newest member of George’s family!  George’s grandson, George IV: Born on 1.7.17 (awesome birthday) and he’s doing great.  And so are his parents!  It’s been a while since we’d seen … Continue reading

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Saturday Thoughts 2.0

1. Is it better to take a few days off from work every month or two or to take long periods off once or twice a year?  This is a conversation I have (with myself) all of the time.  The … Continue reading

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The Olympics, Birthdays, and Spanish

Hola!  August is almost over and so is summer!  We haven’t done that much and I’ve really enjoyed it.  The weather’s been pretty great (with only a few too hot days) and we rarely go anywhere anyway because we really … Continue reading

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This Summer

Hello?!!  Is anyone reading this anymore?  I know it’s been a while, but here’s a quick recap of some of the things going on over here. First (and most important!), George and I celebrated our 10th anniversary last month! And yes, … Continue reading

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About Time for a Discount

And not just any discount.  A SENIOR CITIZEN’S DISCOUNT!!! Yes, that’s right, George turns 55 today!  Holy sh*t.  I’m married to a senior citizen. At least he’ll get discounts for movies and at restaurants and grocery stores…this is so exciting.  It’s almost … Continue reading

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