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The Last Week of 2016

As usual, George worked on Christmas (double time and half!!) and I stayed home and tortured celebrated with Biff and Bing. Bing was not happy to be included in this activity.  And the minute I turned my back on that bow, … Continue reading

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My Home in Guatemala

Hola!!  I’m back in the USA and it’s so weird.  Good, but weird.  And I missed this guy SO MUCH! I still have a few posts I want to write about my time in Guatemala, but I thought I’d share … Continue reading

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Tikal and More!

We made it back from Tikal Monday morning at 5:40 am.  I had class that day at 8:00 am AND I MADE IT TO CLASS…but only for 2 hours.  Whoa.  I was exhausted.  But Tikal was SO worth it! And … Continue reading

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Chocolate and Wine!

Yesterday, I went to San Juan del Obispo to visit a family that makes wine and a family that makes chocolate.  As you could probably guess, the wine part was not so much for me.  BUT, it was interesting to see … Continue reading

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And then…I was a bride

Wow, yesterday was such a fun day.  Instead of my regular Spanish lesson, mi maestra, me and some other students at the school went on an excursion!  First, we took a chicken bus to a nearby town called San Antonio. … Continue reading

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