A Couple of Milestones

It was G’s birthday on Thursday!!



56 never looked so good, right?  Let’s all hate him together.

More importantly, though, we celebrated one year since we adopted our baby boy, BIFF!!!


That was the day we adopted him.  I saw these pictures online the day before:



And I knew that he needed to join our gang of idiots family!

And OMG, this dog.  He’s my best friend in the whole world and he’s by my side all day, every day.




You may be surprised to learn that he’s not perfect.  He’s almost impossible to walk because he wants to play with every dog, bird, person, cat, squirrel, and piece of dust that we come across.  It’s so bad that we don’t walk him.  Thank god we have a big backyard.  However, I would like to be able to walk him (or just go to the vet) without him completely flipping his sh*t.

I found a class at the Oregon Humane Society specifically for “reactive dogs” (<–that’s what Biff is) and we’ve been going for five weeks.  The class is limited to only six dogs, which is really nice, and the class is so well-organized.  All the dogs come into the room separately, and we stay behind barriers so the dogs can’t see each other.



Each dog runs through exercises individually and it works really well.  It’s fun to watch the other dogs too.  We’ve really enjoyed it and learned so much…even though Biff is the worst one in the class!  I know.  But, if you count the dog that had to drop out (she was too scared to even come into the building), Biff isn’t the worst!  Go Biff.   He’s learned a lot and we may take the class again in a few months after we’ve had more time to work with him on some of the basic skills.

Fortunately, Biff’s really perfected his role as guard dog/neighborhood watch/creepy stalker.




Don’t f*ck with us.  Our dog is vicious.

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Cabo Recap

We joined our friends, Joy and Matt (and their two kids), in Cabo for the week.  They own a timeshare in Cabo and go every year.  We won the lottery and were lucky enough to be invited this time!  Like really, so lucky.  Joy’s parents and Matt’s mom also joined us.  Over the years, we’ve spent a lot of time with them and we always have a good time.  Great group of people!


We went to Cabo with Joy and Matt a few years ago,and stayed in this great house!  Since that trip, they’ve upgraded their membership and they now stay at an even more beautiful house.



DSC_0035 (1)



For obvious reason, we spent most of our time by the pool, but the house was amazing too.  You can see videos of these homes on YouTube, just look up Novaispania, or go here.  We were in the Viceroy and I highly recommend it.  So cool.  It was unbelievable and every morning I couldn’t believe we were staying in such a nice place.

And yes, I actually have a picture of myself in Cabo.


This resort is located on the Pacific side of Cabo and people are not allowed to swim in the ocean because there can be a really strong undertow.  As a result, no one’s on the beach!



Normally, I would now tell you about all the things we did in Cabo…but we didn’t really do anything!  And it was incredible.  We went out to dinner a couple of times, and went to the spa, but for the most part, we were lounging in the backyard.  I read a couple of books and took a nap or twelve every day.


A very relaxing trip.

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And Now It’s April

I just saw that I haven’t posted since February 18, 2017.  Whoops!  And now it’s April!  I hope that means summer will be here soon because the winter has been a f*cking nightmare.

Since I wrote in February, we’ve spent a lot of time with the family and Kennedy’s perfected her new selfie face:


And I’m still in love with Biff!!


And Bing still hates him.



I’m so happy to report that we arrived in Cabo San Lucas yesterday and we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves here.  We’re staying in a four bedroom house that’s absolutely amazing.  The outdoor space is incredible.


We have our own pool, hot tub, sunken fire pit, outdoor barbecue/kitchen area and everything overlooks the Pacific Ocean.  It’s incredible.  Here’s a picture looking toward the house:


And there are even a bunch of shallow parts of the pool where George can practice his modeling poses!!


Not a bad view for the next week.

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The Grandson

Last weekend, we went to North Carolina to meet the newest member of George’s family!  George’s grandson, George IV:


Born on 1.7.17 (awesome birthday) and he’s doing great.  And so are his parents!  It’s been a while since we’d seen everyone so we had a really good time catching up over a long weekend.  And now we have a million pictures of the Georges like this:





And I guess it kind of makes me a grandma.  It’s not really fair because (1) I’m only 37, (2) my step-son just turned 32, and (3) I have no kids.  George III and Courtney said that if I didn’t pick out a different name, George IV would be calling me grandma.  Umm, no thank you.  After a bit of thinking, G and I decided on Gigi.  So, to George IV, I’m Gigi!


I think he likes it.  And my boob.  Babies.

Courtney and George III live in Jacksonville, NC.  There’s not a lot to do in Jacksonville so we also went to Wilmington and Swansboro.

My grandfather grew up in Wilmington and this was his house:


It was pretty cool to see the house and the neighborhood where he grew up.  Then we headed to the beach!



Such a nice day.

When we went to Swansboro we re-created one of our favorite pictures from a few years ago:


Wow, we look so young and fun in that picture!  And this was from last weekend:


 Do you see George IV’s little head on the left?!

George III also took us on a tour of the Marine base in Jacksonville and this happened:


George thinks everyone wants to take pictures with him.  I’m just happy no one got shot.

And here are three generations of Georges:


Pretty cute guys, huh?!  We had a really good time meeting George IV and hanging with the youngsters for the weekend.  We can’t wait to get together again soon!

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A Couple of Gifts

Did I tell you that in December we had to buy a new furnace?  Yeah, that was an unexpected expense.  Santa was like, “Welcome back from Guatemala, please pay a million $$ for a new furnace.”  So that pissed me off.  Fortunately, we were able to get it installed in 2016 (yay for tax credits!) and in between snow storms.  Well, the guy we hired to replace the furnace loved Biff.  He also has a pitbull so we bonded over that a bit.  Anyway, he took this picture of our beautiful dog while he was here:


Oh Biff!  Well, a couple of weeks ago, the guy called us to say he had something to drop off.  I had no idea what he wanted and I was kind of hoping he was stalking us.  Anyway, it turns out that his sister is an artist and she drew this:


It’s in pencil and we love it!  I think Bing is pissed that we don’t have a drawing of him so he does his best to scratch Biff every.single.day.  #frenemies

For Christmas, I gave my brother and my sister a couple of awesome gifts.  Instead of buying the kids stupid presents that they’ll use for 5 minutes and then forget about, I gave them four hours of babysitting every month, for the year.  The only requirements are that they have to schedule the babysitting the month before and they can’t save all the hours and use them at once.  Four hours is just about all I can take at one time.  And so far so good!

Last weekend, I hung with my little friend Kennedy and we watched The Secret Life of Pets.


God, she’s getting old.  I asked her why she’s not a baby anymore and she’s says, “I just growed.”  I can’t take it.

This morning, I babysat Kai and Kaz while their parents went to brunch.  I thought the boys would enjoy making cupcakes so I brought a mix and frosting with me (fewer ingredients = less mess and fewer steps in the process = I freak out way less).  It was a total hit.


This was my first cooking experience with them and it went so well.  Some of my favorite childhood memories are from when I spent time baking with my Uncle Daniel and I hope the boys got a little bit of that today.


I will also bake with Kennedy when I babysit her later this month.

We are now watching the Super Bowl…HAPPY SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!

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