Saturday Thoughts 2.0

1. Is it better to take a few days off from work every month or two or to take long periods off once or twice a year?  This is a conversation I have (with myself) all of the time.  The job I have now allows me to roll over my vacation time from year to year, up to 350 hours.  When I first started this job, I didn’t take any time off and hoarded my vacation time for 2 or 3 years.  That was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made.  And I usually burn a week or three at a time.  That’s worked out pretty well, but the time between vacations can seem very long.  Once again, I was thinking about “the best” way to use my vacation time, and I realized that in 2016, I will take a total of eight weeks off from work and that doesn’t include holidays or my three day weekends every weekend (I work four 10s, Tuesday through Friday).  Whoa.  This obviously won’t happen every year, but I think my vacation planning is working out pretty well.

2. I’m 37.  Feels pretty much the same as 30-36.  I just have a different hair color and maybe 1 or 5,000 more wrinkles.


(From 2014 when I turned 35.)

3. Biff is going through a chewing phase.  Like a chewing furniture phase.  He is a monster.  We put some bitter spray stuff on the table he likes to gnaw on, but I’m pretty sure that spray is going to f*ck up the table just as much as his chewing.  Oh well.  The good news?  All that chewing really wears him out…


That mark over Biff’s right eye?  That’s where his brother, Bing, scratched him.  They are best enemies friends.

4. More good news?  Biff really loves his cousins.


He insists on sitting on top of next to them whenever they are over.  It’s pretty cute and the kids really like it.  Also, he’s way nicer to them than he is to us.

5. I rarely sleep in anymore.  G works at 5:00 am every Saturday and Sunday and yesterday, he also worked at 5:00 am.  Five isn’t that early…until you factor in the two hours it takes G to get ready.  Yes, even when he works at 5:00 am, he gets up at 3:00 am.  WTF?!  Some days I sleep through his routine, other days, I’m up at 3:00 am.  You’d think I would do something productive with that time, but I mostly just stay in bed wondering why I married such an idiot.

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Saturday Thoughts

  1. Holy sh*t, it’s October.  And it’s fall.  And it feels like fall outside.  I really like fall and fall-like weather, but I was hoping this wouldn’t happen for a couple more weeks…only because I refuse to turn the heat on in October.  Sorry G.

2. It’s almost my birthday.  I’m going to turn 37 this year.  WTF?!  I feel like whenever you turn to an age ending in 7, it sounds way older than the year before (26 to 27, 36 to 37, etc.).  You’re officially in your late-20s, 30s, 40s, whatever.  So, late-thirties, here I come!  On a related note – I wish mirrors had filters that automatically made me look like this when I looked into them:


3. My dad was in town a few weeks ago (see above picture)!  We don’t see him enough and Biff was so excited to finally meet his grandpa.

4. My hair is getting blonder and blonder.  I can’t stop.  I also can’t decide if I want to grow it out or cut it.  So stressful. Not really, what is stressful?  The Presidential election.  Oh. My. God.

5. I’m in love with my dog.  If you follow me on Instagram (@the_marni), you already know that 95% 99% of my pictures are of Biff.



Biff’s forehead wrinkles make me feel better about my forehead wrinkles.  I’m going to miss him so much when I’m in Guatemala next month.


6. Speaking of Guatemala, I’m checking a lot off of my Guatemala to-do list.  G and I got a bunch of shots last week so we shouldn’t have a problem with Hepatitis A or B or Typhoid.  Or maybe we now have all of those things, I’m not quite sure.  Go us!  I’m also going to pack everything I need in a backpack.  Not a backpacking backpack, but this one.  If I manage to pack a month’s worth of stuff in a backpack, I will never pay a bag fee again.  G packs like a 15 year old beauty pageant contestant (OMG, the toiletries) so we will always have to pay bag fees for his gowns stuff.

7. I think I’ve figured out how we can pay off almost $100,000 in student loan debt by mid-2021 (without selling any of our organs!!!).  Yes, I still owe that much (here’s the depressing part, I’ve been making payments since November 2004 and I’ve never missed a payment…) and no, I will not be going back to deliver pizzas.  This makes me happy.  And scared.  And nervous.  I love to budget and plan, but it’s a lot easier to plan than to actually follow through with the plan, so we’ll see how it goes.  I’ve budgeted so that we’ll still be going on a few long (pretty awesome) vacations, but any other major purchase/emergency will slow our progress on paying off the student loan.  And I’d really like to pay off that mother f*cking loan.  Wish us luck.  And/or send us money.  Thank you.

8.  Just kidding about the last part of #7.  Kind of.

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The Olympics, Birthdays, and Spanish

Hola!  August is almost over and so is summer!  We haven’t done that much and I’ve really enjoyed it.  The weather’s been pretty great (with only a few too hot days) and we rarely go anywhere anyway because we really love summer here in the Pacific Northwest.  I also hate that the kids are all out of school and ruining everything.

Ooh, and the Olympics!  I’ve spent about 500 hours watching all the Olympics and still have about 80 recordings on our DVR to watch.  G and I are trying to find a sport that will get us into the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.  We are still searching.

A few weeks ago, I picked up Kennedy from “school” and she was dying to show me her backpack.


It came with a cape!  She kills me.  Every day.

And this guy turned 4 last week!


Little Kaz is growing up.  Can’t even believe it.

Fortunately, G and I haven’t aged a bit.


 Thank god for Instagram filters (you can find me @the_marni).

My mom also had a birthday last week (my family has waaaaay too many Leos in it…mom, dad, brother, and nephew), and we went to The Temptations on Sunday…it was so much fun.  And really f*cking hot (it was at least 100 degrees that day).


Per usual, G worked on his tan:


Yes, he’s wearing my sunglasses because he forgot his own.  Idiot.  I, of course, did my best to avoid the sun.


I’m so cool.

Oh, and remember a couple of years ago when I started taking Spanish lessons?  Well, I think I took 7 lessons and then went to Europe for three weeks…and never continued my Spanish!  Fail.  In May, my wonderful friend, let’s call her Anna Maria, asked if I wanted to start classes again.  Of course I said yes and we started with one class a week.  In August, I started taking two classes a week and started going to conversation night.  Wow, the conversation nights are embarrassing, helpful, fun, and super stressful all at the same time.  I’m really enjoying it, though.  I’d really love to become fluent in Spanish (and quickly) so I’ve decided to spend a month in a Spanish immersion course in Guatemala!  In November, I’ll be living with a family and taking one-on-one Spanish lessons 4-5 hours a day, 5 days a week.  Apparently, there’s a lot of time to travel on the weekends and in the afternoons so I’m really looking forward to this adventure!

G has no desire to learn Spanish, but he will be joining me for a week at the end of the month.  We are both really excited about it and I can’t wait.  Although, I’m going to miss the hell out of my little Biff.


We are still madly in love with that little idiot.

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This Summer

Hello?!!  Is anyone reading this anymore?  I know it’s been a while, but here’s a quick recap of some of the things going on over here.

First (and most important!), George and I celebrated our 10th anniversary last month!


And yes, we ate an entire cake to celebrate!


We didn’t have the top tier of our wedding cake made like we have in the past, but this vegan German chocolate cake was pretty f*cking good!


We’ve also been hanging out a lot with this monster:


He’s turning into a pretty good dog and we love him so much.  We are such suckers.



And he thinks he’s a lap dog.  He looks huge in that picture, but he only weighs about 47 pounds…I think he has a very big empty head.


Not surprisingly, Bing f*cking hates Biff.  Even less surprising, Biff thinks they’re friends.  In order to stay away from Biff, Bing has claimed the dish drying mat (on the kitchen counter) as one of his daytime sleeping spots.  He also goes in the catio and sleeps on a perch we have in the office.  Because we’ve crate trained Biff, Bing gets the run of the house at night after Biff goes to bed and Bing usually sleeps with us.  This seems to be working well.

As I think you know, I work from home.  Both idiots (Biff and Bing) insist on being with me in the office when I work.  It’s basically a circus that involves a lot of yelling (by me), whining (by Biff), and growling (by Bing).  It’s a pretty good work environment.

We had a couple of s’mores parties and they were both a lot of fun.  I don’t really like s’mores, but I like to play with fire so it worked out well for me.  Friends came over for the first party (where I took no pictures) and family came over for the second.





Kennedy and Kaz are pretty cute when they aren’t fighting.  Although, I actually think it’s pretty funny when they ARE fighting, which happens a lot (yay!).

Oh, George got to meet goats and chickens!



Our friends Shay and Steph (you remember them, they had the racist dog), moved to the country and now have goats and chickens!

Their house and pool isn’t too bad either!


Last week, our other friends successfully reproduced so we got to spend some time with a newborn!!


His name is Jack and I’m always so amazed that humans can be so small.  And adorable.  And look like little old men.  All at the same time.  Weird.

And now you’re pretty much caught up with our summer!

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Water Blobs!

We spent Sunday celebrating my nephew’s 6th birthday!!


Kai really wanted a harmonica.  Whoa.  Not a good idea.  My ears are still ringing.  And Ken’s smile?  Hilarious.

I thought it would be fun to do a little DIY gift for him and his brother.  Of course I used Pinterest to find this tutorial on how to make water blobs!  I ordered this stuff from Amazon…


And that’s when George became concerned that I was planning  to make a Dexter-like kill room.  He’s now on his best behavior so that worked out perfectly for me!

Because the plastic is 10 ft. by 25 ft, I thought it would be easiest to make the water blobs 2 ft. x 5 ft.


Biff really wanted to help.


It was pretty easy to cut straight across the two foot mark so I didn’t have to measure that much.  As I’ve stated before, measuring is against my (completely made-up and fake) religion.


I ended up with two sections that were 2 ft. by 10 ft.  I folded them in half and ironed the seams, leaving a hole to fill the water blobs with water and put the little sea creatures inside.



Biff thought the ironing part was pretty f*cking boring.

When I got to Kai’s house yesterday, I had the kids put all the sea creatures in the blobs, added food coloring, and filled them up with water.  The kids had a good time playing with the hose and putting everything together.  Oh and did I mention it was super inexpensive?  So that’s cool too.

Kai refused to pose for pictures so I recruited Kennedy and Kaz to be my models.



They were excellent models!


Happy Birthday, Kai!  I promise he was actually excited about his cake, the party, and all of his presents…even though it doesn’t really look like it.

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