Five Things

1. Why is it that I find it difficult to wake up at 7:00 am during the week, but here I am on Sunday morning wide awake at 4:30 am? WTF. Hi.


2. If 2014 was the year of spending (and OMFG, it was), 2015 will be the year of…umm,  not spending? Knowing that we were going to tailor our spending a bit, I kind of went a little crazy at the end of 2014.  I bought a Vitamix and G bought a new subwoofer  for the tv and now our house shakes. Then I bought this beautiful thing:


I know, I’m officially 100 years old.  I bought a Fitbit last year and love it.  I really like to hit 10,000 steps a day and some nights I would walk in circles around the house or jog in place just to hit that dumb number. I started looking for an alternative to walking in circles and came across rebounding (aka jumping on a mini-trampoline). I got the rebounder last week AND IT IS THE MOST FUN AND AMAZING THING EVER.  I don’t know about you, but I think jumping on a trampoline is pretty great. After a bit of research, I found that this one is the rebounder of rebounders (it’s a Bellicon).

I didn’t tell G how much it cost until after I bought it (it’s expensive). Super @sshole supportive G’s response? “I hope you don’t lose interest in a day.” Ha! So true. But, a week later, I still think it’s really dang fun! I’m sure G hates hearing me yell about how fun it is when I’m jumping on it, but it is. And apparently, it’s really good for your lymphatic system…whatever that is. I haven’t really worked out on it (there are a lot of DVDs and YouTube workouts), I just jump. And G and I still go to the gym. Stop by if you want to try it out!!

3. Our microwave broke on December 30th. It was more than eight years old so I wasn’t that surprised, but sh*t, we’d just spent a billion $$ on so much other crap important stuff. Our old microwave was the kind that sits on the counter and we decided long ago that we’d get one installed over the stove when that one broke.  Yesterday, this bad boy was installed:


Isn’t it beautiful?! Yes, I realize I just aged myself another 25 years by being so excited about a microwave.

4. I’m still working the part-time pizza delivery job, but I changed my schedule so I only work four days/week for 15-20 hours. I’m now the oldest girl employee (the only older one moved to a different location) so my coworkers call me “Grandma.” It’s pretty f*cked up cool.

5. Have you read The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck? FYI, the f-bomb is used throughout…maybe even 127 times. PARTY TIME!

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By some miracle, G didn’t have to work on NYE or on January 1st!  I can’t even remember the last time we were together on NYE.  Crazy.  Not only did was G off work, but my incredible-y insane friend, Lea, was also in town!!

If you don’t remember, I used to work with Lea.  She’s changed jobs and moved out of Oregon and won’t forget my address.   Whenever she’s in town, we meet up with another former coworker, Steve.  On NYE, we decided to head out to happy hour with everyone!


We stayed long enough for me to eat 379 cajun tater tots so it was pretty amazing.  After that, Lea, G and I ditched Steve to go to a NYE party.  Steve was totally okay with it because he doesn’t actually like us and only showed up to drink beer.  Perfect!

We arrived at the party fashionably late and got decked out in the finest accessories:


The hosts had a photo/backdrop thing set up so we all took a bunch of pictures in front of it.  Some were good:



IMG_20141231_231054And one was the best picture ever:


We spent a good 15-20 minutes laughing about this one.  And every time I look at it, I start laughing.  I promise Lea’s face doesn’t look like this in real life.  And don’t worry, Lea gave me permission to post this picture.  It’s kind of looks like one of those plastic-surgery-gone-wrong photos.  Love it.

After such success with those photos, we attempted to get a photo of the entire group.


Not too bad.  Toya is up in the right corner (she’s wearing a silver mask like mine) and Kennedy isn’t included because she partied too hard and passed out before midnight.  We’re going to have to cut her off early next year.

Now it’s time to follow through on my resolutions to be a nice person, save all our money, lose 50 pounds, travel the world and pay off all our debt.  WISH ME LUCK!!!

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We hope you all have an amazing holiday!

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

George worked until 3:30 pm on Thanksgiving so we had a later-than-usual Thanksgiving. But because that idiot wasn’t bothering me all morning, I had time to set up our tree!


And the salt ornaments I made last year are still good!  That saved me about 75 3 hours

After G finished working, we drove to my mom’s  house for dinner.  Dinner was great and completely crazy.  All those kids running around like monsters angels is exhausting.  After dinner, we posed for pictures. It took about us about 100 attempts…this one was the best.


Yes, Em’s family all wore flannel.  Kai and Kaz wore flannel too (not planned).  G wore fluorescent green Seahawks t-shirt, but I made him take it off for the picture.  Thankfully, he had that black tank underneath. Although, a family picture with a half-naked G would have been a more accurate reflection of him.  Maybe for our next holiday card.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!!!

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A Bunch of Birthdays

My sister’s family has three birthdays in the same effing week!  And we celebrated them all yesterday.  As you may remember, Kennedy ruined arrived on my sister’s birthday two years ago, on November 20th.  Elijah, my sister’s step-son, was born on November 25th.  It just makes sense to have one major clusterf*ck of a birthday party.

These fools were game to party:


As you can tell, Kennedy was pretty happy about the whole thing.

ks dress

Is it just me or is she adorable?!  And her personality is hilarious.  She’s just like my sister: loud and not scared of anything.  At one point, she was standing in her high chair, singing (which sounds a lot like yelling) to everyone.

Of course we had to have three cakes:

Ks birthday

And the best part of the day was when Kennedy called George over to have their picture taken together.


And that was before she had any cake.

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