Tonight I worked my very last shift as a pizza delivery driver…thirteen months after I started.  And I didn’t think I’d last a day.  Turns out I’m pretty good at working at a pizza parlor!!  Even when there are a million kids running around like @ssholes angels.


That picture was taken tonight.  I spent a lot of time carrying food out to the customers in the restaurant.  Wouldn’t you be so happy to have me bring your food out to you?!!

And before you ask…no, I haven’t paid off all of my student loans (and I still have a f*ckton left).  The extra income was very nice, but all I did was work.  I’m pretty tired.  So, for now, one job is enough for me.  But it’s nice to know that I can always work as a pizza delivery driver if sh*t gets really bad.

Time to get back to a new normal.  One job.  I can’t even remember what it’s like to have one job.  So weird.  Maybe I’ll blog more…

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Kind of a Kennel

At 6:45 am this morning, my sister dropped off this nightmare wonderful dog:


And yes, Bailey’s still looking for her brain.  Bing was not amused:


You can’t really tell in that picture, but Bing is very puffed up and pretty much wanted to scratch Bailey’s face off.

After putting Bing in the bedroom with George, Bailey hung out in the living room while I worked in the office.  I thought everything was okay.  Obviously, I forgot Bailey still doesn’t have a brain.  She peed about a gallon of pee on our couch.  We are no longer friends. And now I want to scratch her face off.

Thankfully, my mom picked up Bailey about 30 minutes later.

About an hour after that, my uncle dropped off Buster!  I have no idea what kind of dog Buster is, but I’m pretty sure he has a brain.


Buster’s going to spend the week with us next week so we thought we’d do a trial overnight tonight just to make sure he isn’t completely freaked out.  We’ve only spent time with him on two occasions so I don’t mind testing it out a night before a week long experiment.

And we love Buster.  He likes to watch March Madness and HGTV!


I guess he’s not actually watching, but sleeping is just as good.  As long as he doesn’t bark and pee all over everything, we can handle him.  Buster is a winner!

Want to see another winner?


Kennedy put on her helmet all by herself.  It’s backwards.  My sister said she’s insane.  I think she’s incredible.

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The best part of my day…

I did about a billion things today.  I crossed a few big things off the to-do list, didn’t quit my day job and took the cat to the vet.  For the billionth time.  Yes, Bing’s still in the cone of shame.  Well, he’s supposed to be.  But he was driving me crazy so I took the cone off (don’t tell the vet).  I am a bad parent.  I’m not letting that @sshole go outside, though.  Even if he claws at the door at 4:00 am…every.single.f*cking.morning.

Sorry, I got side-tracked.  Here’s the thing.  I accomplished a lot today.  But the best part?


Finally passing level 402 (and immediately passing level 403) in Candy Crush.  Yes, I’m a loser.  But it’s just been that kind of day.

The craziest news?  I’ve been working as a pizza delivery driver for an entire year!  I honestly can’t believe it.

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Mardi Gras!!

I didn’t get to New Orleans until late Sunday night (the Sunday before Mardi Gras), but G was already there.


That’s how he met me at the airport…he likes the pink beads the best.  Thankfully, he went to a bunch of parades with his nephew so it saved me from having to go out every night.




G took those pictures before I got there.  Good job, G!!

And this was Bourbon Street:


We headed out to see some parades on Tuesday morning (after I spent all of Monday doing mostly nothing!).  We were completely shocked when we woke up and it was 32 degrees outside.  It was a bit unexpected and I didn’t really pack for that kind of weather.


A ski mask would have been helpful.  We made it to the Zulu parade and there were so many people out (it was only 10:00 am).  We strolled down Bourbon street and headed back home in the early afternoon.  I didn’t really understand the excitement about beads and coconuts so I just did my best to dodge everything.  I know, I’m a horrible Mardi Gras person.

The next day, G and I took a walking tour of the Garden District and I TOTALLY LOVED IT!!  It was gorgeous out and the homes were so beautiful.



That’s G in front of the house where “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” was filmed.  He was pretty excited about it.  The walking tour was one of my favorite parts of the trip.  I think G liked seeing all the boobs his family the most.

Per usual, we spent a lot of time eating and a lot of time with family.  G’s sister lives in New Orleans and his other sister (from LA) flew in for the weekend!


Pretty good looking group of kids, huh?  And here’s most of the rest of the gang:


We also had a chance to have dinner  with our good friends, Meghan and Mayukh, who used to live in Portland!


We had so much fun visiting with everyone and seeing New Orleans.  There’s a lot I didn’t do and see so I’d really like to go back.  It was an incredible first trip!!


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It was only a few days…

But I wasn’t sure I’d make it.  We had a guest for the past week:


Yes, my brother, Max, stayed with us while his parents vacationed in Mexico.


He’s a great walking buddy…if you like walking a polar bear.

We were having a great time until Bing decided that he needed a little more attention.  Bing got in a fight a few weeks ago and was recovering well until Wednesday night when I noticed his head was a bit swollen.   On Thursday night, Bing thought it would be a good idea to scratch his head open so the fluid would explode all over our bed drain.  I took Bing to the vet on Friday.  Now he looks like this:


You can kind of see the bald part on the left side of his head.  Idiot cat.  Bing does not like the cone of shame.  And Max was completely confused and concerned about the cone.  When I first put the cone on Bing, Max stared at him for an hour.  Idiot dog.  That made Bing very uncomfortable.  And it made me want to bury them both in the backyard.

As luck would have it, work at the pizza parlor was super, effing busy this week.  With the monsters at home bothering me all the dumb time, I just wasn’t in the mood.  But it was so much fun when these ladies stopped by:


I just love them! It’s almost impossible to be pissed off around those two.

Oh and you may be wondering where G was during all of this stuff.  Well, he’s partying it up with a bunch of topless chicks in New Orleans for Mardi Gras.  Happy Valentine’s Day to George!  I’m at the airport now and will be in New Orleans tonight so I can party it up with topless chicks tomorrow.

And no, I won’t be one of the topless chicks.  New Orleans, you’re welcome.

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