Crazy Cat People

We have officially crossed into the crazy cat people realm of life.  And I’m so embarrassed.  If I had to identify as a dog or cat person, I’d say I was a dog person.  I’ve always loved cats because they’re just such @ssholes, but I would say that I’m a dog person first.   I mean I’ve had a lot of cats in my life…Snowy, Little Red, Patches, Katty, Kelly, Thing (aka Sunny) and Bing.  F*cking Bing.  And Bing’s finally made us into crazy cat people.  Why?

Because he’s a fighter.


Obviously, not a good fighter, but a fighter nonetheless.  He’s had to go to the vet three times in the past six months for various injuries he suffered as a result of fighting.  It wasn’t very expensive (thankfully), but now the vet is worried that he will build up a tolerance to the antibiotics she keeps giving him.  Not good.  She said we needed to keep him inside.  And we tried, but he HATES to be inside.

After being yelled at by the vet again, I started to do some research about how to keep an outdoor cat happy and safe.  I found a lot of information about catios.  Yes, catios.  If you don’t know what that is, a catio is an outdoor enclosure for cats!  There are some really expensive catios and some you can build yourself.  I really didn’t want to spend $1,000 on a catio that I wasn’t sure Bing was going to use, so I decided to go the diy route.   I found a great and very cheap example here.

We decided it would be easiest to build the catio outside the office window:


And we started building:


We bought and used four boxes of wire cube storage (you can see one box in the picture).  It’s very easy to put together and secure.  We used a billion zip ties and I was really surprised how well those keep everything tight and together.

Here’s what it looked like after a couple of hours:



We put the catio on top of the patio pavers in order to level everything out.

We finished the catio almost two weeks ago.



It took a while for Bing to willingly go out the office window to the catio but he’s now going out there a lot.  And sometimes he even rolls around in the dead grass!

DSC_0553DSC_0542   We are planning on putting a cat door in the screen so Bing can go in and out whenever he wants…for now we just have some gorgeous cardboard blocking the window so he can’t climb over the catio.  Classy.  The best part about this type of catio is that it’s not permanent and you can put it together however you want!  I didn’t think Bing would like sitting on the shelves because he’s always in the dirt.  Now, it looks like he likes being elevated so we may add a longer bench for him.

It may not be the prettiest landscaping, but it’s better than looking at this all the time:


F*cking cat.

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Pool Party Dos

I know it seems like my Dad was just here (he was), but he’s back in town and he even brought Jon and Carlos with him!

DSC_0523And when everyone’s in town, we like to have a great big family brawl!!  And we were forced agreed to host a pool party!

George always takes on the most difficult part of the party prep:


It wasn’t long before the herd started to arrive.


And about 2 seconds after everyone got settled, G started posing.

George and Jon:


George and my brother, Jeff:


George and my Aunt Judi:


At least it makes me take pictures of the adults!

Tomoe and little Ken:


My Uncle Keith and Cousin-in-Law, Lauren:


I even had my picture taken!


My Dad and his sister:


Em wanted to get a picture with Kennedy, but Kennedy was not cooperating.



She thinks she’s so funny.  At least she’ll pose for her Aunt Marni!


Sports Illustrated here she comes!

As usual, the kids tried to drown each other in the pool and hurt themselves on the trampoline!



And somehow Kaz’s swimsuit ended up in the pool.  I asked Kennedy to show me her favorite toy:


And there you go.  Yes, that’s his swimsuit.

We took a group picture as well!


There is one person missing from that picture…my cousin, Ryan.  He couldn’t join us.  Again.  Sad.  So we had to improvise.


It looks a little like something might be wrong with his mouth.  Ryan, you might want to have that looked at.  George had a really good conversation with him.


Such handsome guys!

And just a couple more pictures of the kids…and a couple of old dudes.



Another party without a trip to emergency!  Go us.

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A Pool Party

It’s been really f*cking hot here the last couple of weeks.  Holy balls.  So. Hot.  Because my Dad was in town last weekend, we planned to have a little party.  I decided to buy a kiddie pool to keep the kids occupied  help us stay a bit cooler.


Why is it that our house is looking more and more like we have a million kids?!!  Fortunately, we don’t have any pool toys so I just threw in a bunch of tupperware, a pasta strainer and measuring cups.  And yes, we moved our dining table and benches outside, too!  White trash style.  PARTY TIME!!!

Before everyone arrived, we took a minute to take a couple of pictures with my Dad.



And we hung lanterns along the house!  So festive…and they light up, too!

Of course we had food.  We thought it was easiest to get take-out and decided to go with Veggie Grill!


We ordered all hail kale salad, sante fe chickin’ wraps, chickin’ wings and a lot of chips!  It was so easy and really good.  Everyone loved it…even the meat-eaters!









The kids were having so much fun that some of the adults decided to join them.



We only put our feet in because the water was really effing cold.  When the kids finally got out, they were freezing!  And so cute to cuddle with:




The bigger kids were pretty cute too.


It was bit too hot to roast marshmallows so we decided to go with popsicles!  The kids We all loved them!


I let the kids pick out which popsicle they wanted.  There were red, orange and purple popsicles.  I thought Kai and Kaz would pick red because it’s their favorite color.  But once Elijah said he wanted an orange one, both Kai and Kaz said they wanted orange too.  So cute!


It was such a fun day.

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A Flashback

Nine years ago today, G and I tied the knot!  I can’t believe it.  I was 26 and George was 45…I don’t think any of us thought we’d still be married or alive at 35 and 54.  Wow.  And because I know all of you love looking at wedding photos…here are some of my favorites!


I like the next one because you can’t really tell which guy is the groom…


Just a little creepy.

My beautiful bridesmaids:


Em always knows how to make me laugh.  And she tells a good story.


I’m happy to say that I still love my dress!



We had a fun night.


And the only thing that’s changed…

Marni and George print res-109

is my hair color!

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A Graduation!

On Friday, a bunch of us attended my brother-in-law’s graduation.  Considering I can barely get dressed and work in the same day, it’s pretty impressive that he’s been able to get his bachelor’s degree while working full-time and raising a billion kids family.



My Dad and Jamison’s Mom flew in for the ceremony, too!


All of us that weren’t working showed up to embarrass Jamison and behave like monsters clap, scream, yell and cheer for him.  I know he loved it.


George was working so I hung out with my crazy best friend…



She was so proud of her dad that she pointed at him throughout the ceremony and whispered (she doesn’t know how to whisper, btw) “THAT’S MY DADDY!

It was adorable.  Congratulations Jamison, you deserve it!

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