More Family Time!

I’m pretty sure we only have family time these days.  So much family time.  But, like Martha Stewart says,  it’s a good thing.  We invited about 1,000 20 people over on Saturday.


You probably recognize most of the people in that picture, but it’s been a really long time since we’ve gotten together with my step-sister, Laura, and her family and my step-brother, Ryan, and his wife, Angela.

George, Laura and Jamison:


Hart and George:


Hart wanted me to disclose that he biked 1,000 miles on the way over to our house.  I’m not quite sure it was 1,000 miles, but Angela, Ryan and Hart rode their bikes 3-4 hours from Vancouver, Washington to our house.  THEY ARE CRAZY!  And apparently they like riding bikes.  Weirdos.

It took a while for the kids to warm up to each other, but having the trampoline helped a bit:


Kaz was doing pretty well, until Natalie got on top of him.

DSC_0568That kid cracks me up.

Ken loved playing with Natalie.


And she even agreed to take a picture with George.


(George’s arm isn’t that big in real life, btw. What a monster.)


She’s just getting too old.

And I can’t stop lightening my hair.


I may need an intervention soon.  I’ll keep you posted.

We had the pool up and ready for everyone, but I didn’t take any pictures when the little kids were in it.  Dumb.  Toya was pretty smart and enjoyed it without a bunch of @ssholes children splashing her.



Per usual, we had a ton of food and the kids loved the cookies the most.  Kennedy was pressing her face against the plastic while eating a cookie.  


No shame to her game.

Ryan and Angela were very popular with the kids…especially when they brought out a phone.  What in the sh!t did we do before smart phones?!



It was really great to get together with everyone!

George is waiting for me to post this and I told him I didn’t what to say to end the post.  He told me to write “bye bitches.”

Sounds good to me.


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30 Years Clean & Sober

This Sunday, on August 9th, George will celebrate 30 years of sobriety.  It’s not something he talks about very much and I’ve never mentioned it on the blog.  In 1985, George entered rehab.  He was only 24 years old.  He was there for an entire year, but he hasn’t had a drink or done a drug since.  Amazing.

When we planned our trip to Chicago, I enlisted the help of G’s sisters and step-mother to plan a surprise party for George.  They were completely on board and it made me so happy how excited they were to celebrate.  And we managed to keep it a secret from him.

Last Sunday, on our last day in Chicago, we sent George to the movies with his brother-in-law and two nephews.  The rest of us started setting up everything.  Any party for George should include cake and his favorite color, purple.



The cakes were supposed to have the same color frosting, but the cake decorators had a different idea I guess.  I also edited the pictures so the cakes are  easier to read.  Anyway, one cake had pastel colors and the other had more bold colors.  We got enough cake for about 96 people, even though we anticipated having around 30.  We are excellent party planners!  Oh and George’s initials are G.O.D.  Yes, you can call me Mrs. GOD.  Thank you.

We set everything up and waited for people to arrive.  We had a f*ckton of food too, don’t worry. George finally showed up.


He still didn’t know what was going on.  People were telling him congratulations and he didn’t know why.  He actually thought someone really screwed up.  I grabbed his hand and led him over to the cakes.


And that’s when he got it.  He even got teary-eyed and asked me for a napkin.


I took about a million pictures.

George’s sisters Debbie, Carla, Tiffani and ME!



George and his step-mom, Charlotte:


George’s cousin, Cherl:


She is hilarious, btw.  She got stuck babysitting George when he was a kid.  Poor Cheryl.  And yes, that means she’s older than G.  These f*ckers don’t age.


George and his brothers-in-law, Jason and Dre:


George and his cousin, Kyle.  Kyle is Cheryl’s son and he’s now a junior at Baylor.  Seeing these kids grow up really makes you feel like you’re getting old…fast.


I had to recruit a couple of kids to take pictures of me with my Chicago nieces.  It was pretty much a disaster and these are the best pictures of the 30 they took.



Carsyn’s sitting on my lap and Jayla and Brya are behind us.  I can’t believe I’ve been with George so long that I remember these girls as babies.  How is that possible?!

Needless to say, the party was a huge success and it was really fun to celebrate George’s amazing accomplishment.  We are all so proud of him!


Congrats G!

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A Harpist

First, we are in CHICAGO visiting G’s family this week!!!  It’s been crazy and we’ve eaten so much I feel like I might die.  I will post more about our trip later.

First, I have to tell you about me playing the harp WITH OTHER PEOPLE a few weeks ago!!!  It’s been over 14 years since I’ve been part of a harp ensemble and I had a really good time.


There were 9 harpists and we played 5 pieces.  It was a very, very short concert, but it was so much fun.  Most of us had never played together and we had varying levels of experience, but it all worked out and we played pretty well.


The best part was having one of my harp teachers there!


That’s Sister John Therese!  She was my harp teacher for 5 years, from 8th grade until I graduated from high school.  And she’s one of my favorite people in the world.  Surprisingly, she even likes me too!!


And dumb G, too.  Everyone likes him, though.

My little friend, Kennedy, came to the performance.


She really wanted to play on Michaela’s harp, but she was a little shy when she finally got a chance.  Don’t worry, I’m going to make persuade her take lessons when she’s old enough.  We will always need more harpists in the family!

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Crazy Cat People

We have officially crossed into the crazy cat people realm of life.  And I’m so embarrassed.  If I had to identify as a dog or cat person, I’d say I was a dog person.  I’ve always loved cats because they’re just such @ssholes, but I would say that I’m a dog person first.   I mean I’ve had a lot of cats in my life…Snowy, Little Red, Patches, Katty, Kelly, Thing (aka Sunny) and Bing.  F*cking Bing.  And Bing’s finally made us into crazy cat people.  Why?

Because he’s a fighter.


Obviously, not a good fighter, but a fighter nonetheless.  He’s had to go to the vet three times in the past six months for various injuries he suffered as a result of fighting.  It wasn’t very expensive (thankfully), but now the vet is worried that he will build up a tolerance to the antibiotics she keeps giving him.  Not good.  She said we needed to keep him inside.  And we tried, but he HATES to be inside.

After being yelled at by the vet again, I started to do some research about how to keep an outdoor cat happy and safe.  I found a lot of information about catios.  Yes, catios.  If you don’t know what that is, a catio is an outdoor enclosure for cats!  There are some really expensive catios and some you can build yourself.  I really didn’t want to spend $1,000 on a catio that I wasn’t sure Bing was going to use, so I decided to go the diy route.   I found a great and very cheap example here.

We decided it would be easiest to build the catio outside the office window:


And we started building:


We bought and used four boxes of wire cube storage (you can see one box in the picture).  It’s very easy to put together and secure.  We used a billion zip ties and I was really surprised how well those keep everything tight and together.

Here’s what it looked like after a couple of hours:



We put the catio on top of the patio pavers in order to level everything out.

We finished the catio almost two weeks ago.



It took a while for Bing to willingly go out the office window to the catio but he’s now going out there a lot.  And sometimes he even rolls around in the dead grass!

DSC_0553DSC_0542   We are planning on putting a cat door in the screen so Bing can go in and out whenever he wants…for now we just have some gorgeous cardboard blocking the window so he can’t climb over the catio.  Classy.  The best part about this type of catio is that it’s not permanent and you can put it together however you want!  I didn’t think Bing would like sitting on the shelves because he’s always in the dirt.  Now, it looks like he likes being elevated so we may add a longer bench for him.

It may not be the prettiest landscaping, but it’s better than looking at this all the time:


F*cking cat.

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Pool Party Dos

I know it seems like my Dad was just here (he was), but he’s back in town and he even brought Jon and Carlos with him!

DSC_0523And when everyone’s in town, we like to have a great big family brawl!!  And we were forced agreed to host a pool party!

George always takes on the most difficult part of the party prep:


It wasn’t long before the herd started to arrive.


And about 2 seconds after everyone got settled, G started posing.

George and Jon:


George and my brother, Jeff:


George and my Aunt Judi:


At least it makes me take pictures of the adults!

Tomoe and little Ken:


My Uncle Keith and Cousin-in-Law, Lauren:


I even had my picture taken!


My Dad and his sister:


Em wanted to get a picture with Kennedy, but Kennedy was not cooperating.



She thinks she’s so funny.  At least she’ll pose for her Aunt Marni!


Sports Illustrated here she comes!

As usual, the kids tried to drown each other in the pool and hurt themselves on the trampoline!



And somehow Kaz’s swimsuit ended up in the pool.  I asked Kennedy to show me her favorite toy:


And there you go.  Yes, that’s his swimsuit.

We took a group picture as well!


There is one person missing from that picture…my cousin, Ryan.  He couldn’t join us.  Again.  Sad.  So we had to improvise.


It looks a little like something might be wrong with his mouth.  Ryan, you might want to have that looked at.  George had a really good conversation with him.


Such handsome guys!

And just a couple more pictures of the kids…and a couple of old dudes.



Another party without a trip to emergency!  Go us.

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