A Pool Party

It’s been really f*cking hot here the last couple of weeks.  Holy balls.  So. Hot.  Because my Dad was in town last weekend, we planned to have a little party.  I decided to buy a kiddie pool to keep the kids occupied  help us stay a bit cooler.


Why is it that our house is looking more and more like we have a million kids?!!  Fortunately, we don’t have any pool toys so I just threw in a bunch of tupperware, a pasta strainer and measuring cups.  And yes, we moved our dining table and benches outside, too!  White trash style.  PARTY TIME!!!

Before everyone arrived, we took a minute to take a couple of pictures with my Dad.



And we hung lanterns along the house!  So festive…and they light up, too!

Of course we had food.  We thought it was easiest to get take-out and decided to go with Veggie Grill!


We ordered all hail kale salad, sante fe chickin’ wraps, chickin’ wings and a lot of chips!  It was so easy and really good.  Everyone loved it…even the meat-eaters!









The kids were having so much fun that some of the adults decided to join them.



We only put our feet in because the water was really effing cold.  When the kids finally got out, they were freezing!  And so cute to cuddle with:




The bigger kids were pretty cute too.


It was bit too hot to roast marshmallows so we decided to go with popsicles!  The kids We all loved them!


I let the kids pick out which popsicle they wanted.  There were red, orange and purple popsicles.  I thought Kai and Kaz would pick red because it’s their favorite color.  But once Elijah said he wanted an orange one, both Kai and Kaz said they wanted orange too.  So cute!


It was such a fun day.

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A Flashback

Nine years ago today, G and I tied the knot!  I can’t believe it.  I was 26 and George was 45…I don’t think any of us thought we’d still be married or alive at 35 and 54.  Wow.  And because I know all of you love looking at wedding photos…here are some of my favorites!


I like the next one because you can’t really tell which guy is the groom…


Just a little creepy.

My beautiful bridesmaids:


Em always knows how to make me laugh.  And she tells a good story.


I’m happy to say that I still love my dress!



We had a fun night.


And the only thing that’s changed…

Marni and George print res-109

is my hair color!

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A Graduation!

On Friday, a bunch of us attended my brother-in-law’s graduation.  Considering I can barely get dressed and work in the same day, it’s pretty impressive that he’s been able to get his bachelor’s degree while working full-time and raising a billion kids family.



My Dad and Jamison’s Mom flew in for the ceremony, too!


All of us that weren’t working showed up to embarrass Jamison and behave like monsters clap, scream, yell and cheer for him.  I know he loved it.


George was working so I hung out with my crazy best friend…



She was so proud of her dad that she pointed at him throughout the ceremony and whispered (she doesn’t know how to whisper, btw) “THAT’S MY DADDY!

It was adorable.  Congratulations Jamison, you deserve it!

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There’s been a lot of family time…


WITH BING!!  He’s had a pretty good run without a cone on his head so we’re proud of him.  And this is what he looks like almost every night when I go to bed.  F*cking cat.  He’s too comfortable.

Oh and family time with these girls too:

IMG_20150614_110007The nieces…so cute together.  And Ken’s hair!  OMFG.

We had a garage sale at our house!


It was mostly my Mom and Tim’s stuff, but we put a few things in too.  G and I made $5!!  But we got rid of a few things we marked as free so that was helpful.  Kennedy came over to help with the garage sale and stole my glasses:


She thought it was hilarious to take that picture.

 Mom and Tim moved much closer to us so we can now go to the farmers market together…and my mom can buy me sweet peas!


Last Saturday, George and I got tickets for a string orchestra concert and we really enjoyed it!  G was not excited when I told him I got tickets, but he ended up having a really good time.


It reminded me of when I was in college and used to go to every concert at the university.  Crazy.  Oh and I can still play the harp!

IMG_20150516_151429I’ve played three times in the last month!  Time to go on the road!

George and I have been completely sucked into the tv lately.  I feel like there are so many shows we need to watch.  We just finished all 4 seasons of Homeland, just started season 3 of Orange is the New Black and we’re watching True Detective.  I’m totally obsessed with Big Brother, too.  I decided I needed something to do while I watch tv (besides gaining 200 pounds) and I found…


Adult coloring books!!!  I ordered one from Amazon.  And then I ordered more colored pencils.  It’s almost time for me to have an art show.  Please let me know if you’d like to purchase some of my “art.”

On Sunday, Ken and I got tattoos:



K had Bumblebee from Transformers and I had the yellow car from Cars.  Bad @ss.

I think that’s about it.  My Dad’s coming to town this weekend so there’s going to be even more family time!!  So I’m leaving town.  I’ll try to write another post before next year.

Hope you’re all having a great summer!

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We had everyone over for s’mores last night and used our fire pit for the very first time!


My Mom came over early and made a fire so big that I thought we’d burn down the neighborhood.  Fortunately, it calmed down a bit before everyone else got here.  Wow.

We had a mix of healthy food and s’mores makings!


I really love my white serving bowls, btw.

The fruit bowl was actually filled to the very top, but the kids went crazy for it as soon as I set it out!



Kai and Kaz just got back from spending a month in Japan so it was a lot fun to hang out with them again.

To distract the kids from the huge bowl of sugar, Jamison gave them BUBBLES!  I had no idea this would be such a hit.




Pure joy!

And then the kids got to make s’mores!



It’s safe to give three kids, under the age of four, pointy sticks to play with fire, right?  Okay, good.  BTW, Kennedy picked out her shoes to go with that outfit.  Despite my sister’s best efforts to make her a tomboy, she seems to be leaning a little to the girly side of things.  Ha ha!!  Can’t wait to have a princess party for her 3rd birthday.  Too funny.

Per usual, I didn’t take any pictures of the adults at the party (we’re boring and/or hideous), but here’s a picture from Thursday night when George and I took Kennedy to the park.


Yep, G is still wearing his jorts…sexy.  And Kennedy loves swinging with George.  She prefers that I push her.  Thanks Ken.

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